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Would you trust a gymnastics instructor who had never participated in the sport, but who had read about it in news articles?  Would you trust your neighbor to diagnose and fix a startup problem with your car even though they have never driven a car?  What about your cousin to create a marketing scheme complete with logo, banners and pamphlets who just turned 7?  These questions are pretty straight forward and easy to answer without giving much thought to it.  We have the same sentiment when it comes to why property owners should be using real estate professionals when deciding to list their property for sale.  A house is one of the largest investments you will ever make and it comes with its own set of complicated contracts and due diligence in terms of financial and legal obligations.  For Sale By Owner and iBuyer programs are enticing but let us explain you why you should consider all of your options.

1. How Will You Valuate Your Property?

“Well, Zillow says my house is worth…” Oh how this statement makes real estate professional cringe.  Zestimates have a 5% variance from actual market values.  That sounds good at first but if your home is worth $290,000, you could potentially under sell it by $14,500…ouch!  Zillow acknowledges that their Zestimate is a sophisticated algorithm using public data to figure the valuation of a property.  They also are well aware and acknowledge that it is NOT a complete market valuation.  What is the difference?  Accurate market valuations are done by actually walking a property.  A computer cannot determine an accurate market price without seeing the condition of a house.  Public information will not give details such as the current condition of the home, how old its mechanical components are, if a kitchen was recently remodeled, if the neighbors take care of their lawn, noise level, if the architectural style is “in”, if building materials have been upgraded, what warranties are current for the property, etc.  All of these have an affect on the home’s value in one fashion or another.  Some of these actually increase or decrease the market value, other factors will weigh heavily on the days on market forecast, both of which can affect your bottom line when you consider money in your pocket and the value of time.

2. I Don’t Have The Time Or Flexibility Of Keeping My Home Show Ready

I think people often forget that real estate agents work for YOU, the client.  We are here to provide a service to you which means it is part of our job description to serve you in a way that is convenient and comfortable to your liking.  You work from a home office, have clients in and out of your home for meetings, you have 2 small kids at home, 3 dogs and a parrot.  It takes too much time to clean the messes that arise from your lifestyle and it is just not the sort of flexibility that you can currently support.  There are ways around this!  Open houses, open door showings, restricted access to just certain days and times are just a few ways that we can work around your lifestyle.  Having a pet sitting service, an additional babysitter, a cleaning service, staging service, etc are all sorts of concierge type add-on’s that real estate professionals utilize to keep you relaxed and comfortable.  A good agent has a network built and can help find solutions to these inconveniences. 

3. This iBuyer Program Said They Would Give Me $xxx,xxx For My Home

That’s great!  Believe me, you will always find a buyer to buy a product at an extremely discounted rate.  If you’ve ever filled out an offer request, you know that a team member from the program will reach you almost instantly with an offer ready to go.  These programs use similar AVM (automated valuation model) as Zillow and other techniques that other real estate professionals have access to, but do you think they are going to offer you market value? NO, why would they?  For example, we had a property that we valued at $180,000 when an iBuyer offer was presented at $149,200.  That is a 17% discount! Then, more fees are ADDED!  A 5.5% service charge (3% for commission, a 1% service fee and 1.5% risk fee) was added in addition to closing costs and repair costs…wow.   They are in business to make money as well.  Either you, as the home owner pocket the equity that you have earned or you can just give it away to them.  I know which plan I would go with.

4. The Internet Is Full Of Resources To Reduce The Need Of An Agent

This can get you in trouble.  While you can research, Google, pay for discounted marketing services, discounted contracts, etc you cannot replace the experience of an agent who has already gone through the home sale process countless times.  Think about WebMD vs a physician.  EVERY transaction is different!  Different hurdles that pop up could include:

Negotiating issues on inspection related repairs. Some of these can be mandatory for certain types of buyer financing, some are fluff, some are required by Fair Housing Laws and even some by utility or other service providers.   

Buyer backs out of contract a week before scheduled closing.  Do you know what type of recourse you have?  Deposit forfeiture, additional funds owned, was it because of a seller issue, false advertisement?  What about if you have already made plans to purchase another property?  What happens then? 

Title issues can get very murky.  What if an estate is involved, separated party sellers, or what if liens have been issued and have not been satisfied?  What does that means for you as the seller and the future of your deal?  You need an agent that is working on your behalf to help explain your options.  Although agents are not legal counsel, they are your liaison to make sure that your rights are being protected.  This is an area that sellers can be taken advantage of in an instant.  Don’t fall into that trap. 

Remember when we touched on a concierge type service?  Your agent should almost work as your project manager between you, the buyer’s agent, financing institutions, repair and inspections teams and your closing attorney.  There are a lot of moving parts with specific deadlines that need to be kept organized.  Agents know deadlines, realistic and unrealistic expectations and how to manage the varying breadth of steps each invested party member must walkthrough to get a deal to the closing table.  There are tools out there to start the selling process, but not many that explain what to do during the meat of the contract period. 

5. I’ve Been Through The Process Before, I’m Going To Do FSBO

We touched on this in the point above.  There are many tools out there to start the selling process, but not many to advocate for you throughout the contract process.  There are companies that will help you setup a legal contract and offer contact services to closing attorneys in your area.  They are offered at a very discounted rate because these are very limited type services.  They aren’t explaining your options when presented with multiple offers on a home, how to connect with buyers without making it public, how to deal with negotiations during certain contingency periods, they don’t have the relationships established with other agents, etc.  They are very automated which sounds more efficient, but for the sake of efficiency (on the service provider’s side) you can lose out on equity without ever knowing it.

Bottom line is real estate professionals provide benefit to your overall selling experience.  If you are interested in learning how we can help you maximize your equity and help navigate you through the process, give us a call.  We love talking about marketing strategies, pricing options and we genuinely love helping people!

Collaboration - Michael and Jana Lambros, Lambros Realty, LLC

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What our clients are saying  

I was having very little success selling my house, that is until a friend told me about Michael Lambros. In addition to being an excellent communicator, he's extremely knowledgeable, professional, and recommends the best strategy for the client. I can't thank him enough for all he did! I would recommend him over anyone!!!


~ zuser20180524103420763

Michael did a great job working with my wife and I on buying our first home. He consistently made himself available and worked around our schedules to see houses, always had useful insight with each place we looked, and made the process a lot easier by chasing down any leads we found as well as finding them for us. He was always very friendly and professional with us and was very accomodating and endlessly patient with us seeing as we often had our infant daughter out with us when we would go househunting. When we finally did get under contract Michael proved even more useful, successfully negotiating all the repairs we wanted and terms we asked from the owner and by the end of it we even paid below the price of our original offer. Even through closing he was helping us navigate what became a little bit complicated of a closing due to issues on the owner’s end. Now my family and I couldnt be happier in our new home and I know we couldn’t have done it without him!


~ Jordan C.

I worked with Michael Lambros when I moved from Savannah to Buford. Not only is he an excellent real estate professional he is a good man too. He was very patient with me and my wife during the process. I wanted to use my VA home loan but it was tied up on my other house. He was able to get me a lease purchase option on the house that I wanted in Buford. Hopefully I don't need to buy or sell a house again but if I do Michael will be the first person I call. Thank you Michael!


~ William S.

I was relieved I could get somebody like Michael representing me as a home buyer. Michael’s professionalism and counseling was a breath of fresh air in an extremely stressful process. Michael continuously provided me with extraordinary advice, always thoroughly evaluating the pros and cons to my options. Michael Lambros has made me a lifetime customer and I’d be quick, with no hesitation, to refer any of my friends or family to his business.


~ Josh T.

We had a limited budget and a lot of requirements for the house we were looking for. Narges found the perfect house for our budget that matched pretty much all of our requirements. She was able to negotiate a great deal for us. I strongly recommend her if you are looking for a professional real estate agent.


~ bakhtiar2

In the past 6 years working with more than a dozen real estate agents across the country, working with Narges has been by far the best experience I have ever had. Her knowledge, dedication, responsiveness and level of professionalism amazed me in every step of the process.


~ Farakish B.

My spouse and I decided to buy a house. Our first contract agent was Michael Lambros of Lambros Reality, LLC. We explained to Michael our needs and discussed with him our criteria for the range of prices, the number of rooms and our preferences of locations. From the beginning, Michael started providing us with lists, pictures and descriptions of available houses based on our criteria we provided. We went through the lists, made our selection for Michael to show us the houses. In a single day of appointment, we used to look at four or five houses. During those hours of appointments, Michael was readily available- always in time- and showed the various facilities of the selected houses and answered our questions and inquiries patiently with professional manner and understanding, making suggestions and recommendations without unduly pressing or pushing us to arrive at a decision. It was Sellers’s market and competition was very stiff and when offers failed, Michael was understanding...


~ Atsede W.

Narges is very patient in showing all the possible options when i was buying my house, honest and also she is very good at negotiating, I would never work with no one else other than her.


~ M Ashtari

My first experience selling and buying a home was excellent with Lambros Realty! The sellers market was thriving, and buyers had to be quick and negotiate well. Michael and his team were so helpful and efficient! This being my first time, I had much to learn and plenty of questions. Also, with 2 kids and one on the way, we had to be fast and smart about these decisions. The Lambros team was quick with responses, very knowledgeable and professional. The whole process of showing and selling our home was made with ease and we ended up getting a full asking price offer after the FIRST day of showings! We got a great offer and a full month to be able to find our new home and move.


~ Val R.

Finding and buying our new home had to be aggressive because homes were going fast! We ended up offering and buying on one of the homes we looked at the first day of showing appointments. Michael negotiated well and we got the home $17,000 under their asking price! Overall, this process with Lambros Realty was great! I expected some high stress and was pleasantly satisfied to find out it did not have to be that way :) I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for realty help! Excellent, hard working, honest and effective business. We are so happy with our new home!!


~ Chris J.

My experience with Michael and his team has been nothing short of exceptional. He is extremely knowledgeable of the market, what to look for, what not to look, etc. Specifically with selling our home, I was nervous. It was an older home, though in good condition, but I struggled with the idea of someone else coming in and living in my house. Michael made it easy to stage our house so that you could see someone else buying it. He made me feel at ease with the questions I had. He was completely confident he could get what we listed the house for. He was 100% on point with everything. We even got above asking price! I would highly recommend Michael and his team hands down to anyone needing a realtor.


~ Jennifer B.

Working with Michael was great. Not only did he help me find the perfect investment property for my budget, more importantly, he helped open my eyes to issues in other homes, and prevented me from making a huge mistake.


~ Theo L.

Narges is great! She takes her time with the showings and is always prompt and courteous. We are picky buyers yet she took her time in showing us homes at different hours of the day and never said no and finally she helped us buy our dream home.


~ Mandy M.

Narges is one the best agents I've ever seen. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor. She always took the time to answer my questions, and gave me all information about them. Specially she had a good financial knowledge about real estate. She was very patient in guiding me to find my perfect house and she's never pushy. Availability was one the best points of her. She was really flexible about my time scheduling. She is a successful real state agent because her honesty, responsiveness, communication skills, and negotiation skills.


~ Amir R.

Narges is such an easy and great person to work with! Very professionally and easy to get a hold of when i needed her. Made the purchase of our land so much smother for us.


~ rms8209

It is my immense pleasure to recommend "Narges" as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation.


~ zuser20150104081528518

Michael at Lambros Realty helped us find our dream house last summer. Through an inspection we found out the house had polybutylene pipes. This would usually be a deal breaker. The seller would not budge. We thought we were going to have to walk away from my wife's dream house. Michael went to work and negotiated with the seller and made it happen. We got the pipes replaced and were able to close. I recommend Lambros Realty to anyone who is in the market looking to buy a new home.


~ Gary J.

Michael Lambros sold our previous house for us and managed the purchase of our current home. The sale of our previous house falls into the realm of "a normal, fast, happy transaction". The purchase of our current home falls into the extraordinary category. Our offer with contingency was rejected. A second offer invited months later by the seller was also rejected. The seller took the house off the market. In the mean time, we realized there was no other house for us. Michael made a third offer on the house which was no longer on the market. With some super negotiation, Michael was able to secure a deal more favorable to us! And we now have our dream home! Thank you, Michael!


~ Leanne J.

I would highly recommend Michael Lambros as a real estate agent to anyone because of his professionalism and his caring attitude toward his clients. Hassle free and simple are how I would describe my time purchasing a home with Michael Lambros.


~ Liz J.

Listed and sold my previous home. Guided me through the purchase of my new home. Very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Michael Lambros of Lambros Realty for all of your real estate needs.


~ Gary Sr.

I enjoyed working with Lambros Realty to sell my house. Michael answered every question I had along the way. Thank you so much for everything. I would definitely recommend Lambros Realty to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home.


~ Minako W.

I highly recommend Lambros Realty. They walked us through the buying process with ease. They saved us thousands in negotiating the price. They were very patient with us as we drug them through house after house. They saved us a ton of money and heart ache with the decision of changing the pipes before we signed. This is our second house buying experience and it was soooo much better than the first. You need a company that treats you like you are the only home buyers that exist, instead of treating you like a heard of cattle... just moving you through line.


~ -Amy J.

Jana and Michael were the ABSOLUTE best to work with when selling my mom's house!! Since I'm no longer in the Atlanta area it was very important I me to find someone that I could trust to help my mother sell our Lilburn home. They were so patient and responsive to every question we had and did an amazing job with keeping me in the loop. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell in or around the Atlanta area. Thanks, you two!!


~ Amy R.

Narges was wonderful and patient with us as we saw many homes for over 8 months. Once we found the home we love, she helped us with every little detail and getting the price that was exceptional. Thanks for all your help.


~ f1smyrna

As a first time home buyer, we chose Lambros Realty to represent us in purchasing a home. Michael and Jana were extremely helpful and made the process stress free for us, which it had not been prior to their services. Never pushy, they searched and searched until they found exactly what we wanted. I would recommend Michael and Jana as they are the best. When it comes time to move, Lambros Realty will once again be my agent.


~ David J.

Michael at Lambros Realty helped us find our dream house last summer. Through an inspection we found out the house had polybutylene pipes. This would usually be a deal breaker. The seller would not budge. We thought we were going to have to walk away from my wife's dream house. Michael went to work and negotiated with the seller and made it happen. We got the pipes replaced and were able to close. I recommend Lambros Realty to anyone who is in the market looking to buy a new home.


~ Gary J.

One of the best agents I've had the pleasure of working with. Extremely diligent and respectful of my time and schedule. Helped me tremendously in finding the perfect home I was looking for. I highly recommend Narges!!!


~ Matthew M.

The experience has been truly amazing and highly recommend using such an intellectual informed agent for all aspects of Real Estate. Narges has not only been knowledgeable, professional, sedulous, conscientious, industrious, resourceful, competitive, persistent, strategist, courteous, committed, compassionate, considerate, courageous, affectionate, and caring but has put our needs above all else and has treated us with utmost respect.


~ Hm11285

You will not find any realtor around who is more hard working and dedicated or who has his finger on the pulse of Metro Atlanta!


~ Leanne J.

People you can trust!


~ Paul G.

SO looking forward to working with Lambros Realty to sell our current home and buy a new one-- thus far it has been a wonderful experience! Michael has been there to answer every single question I could possibly have, and very quick to return emails. Couldn't ask for anything more!


~ Kelly R.

He's my realtor and I highly recommend him and his hard working staff for all your real estate needs.


~ Gary J.

Lambros Realty completely came to our rescue in the middle of a discouraging and unsuccessful home search. After having no luck with an indifferent agent from a large real estate company, working with Michael was a breath of fresh air. We found the perfect house the day it was listed, and Michael made it a priority to get a showing scheduled for that same day. We fell in love with it, and Michael didn't delay in putting in our offer, negotiating, and getting a contract drawn up. Michael was always accessible for questions, concerns, and advice throughout, which we greatly appreciated as first-time buyers. He checked in frequently with us about the home inspection, appraisal, and loan approval processes to ensure that we would get our dream home. Michael is personable, dependable, and sincerely has his clients' best interests at heart. We were so satisfied with our experience with Lambros Realty and cannot recommend them more highly!


~ Eli J.

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